The backstory

The backstory The backstory

Here at Low Ready, we initially set out to solve a problem that bugged us for years and years. The problem had to do with our laptop bags. The straps always got in the way!

As avid travelers, when we stored our bag underneath the seat in front of us on a plane or bus, the shoulder strap would sneak out into the aisle, which posed a safety concern. We would constantly have to kick the strap back underneath the seat. We also hated how the strap would dangle down below the bag on the floor if you were using the handles instead of the strap.

How many times has your shoulder strap been dangling on the gross, dirty floor only for you to lift it back up again and put it on your shoulder?

We always thought that “We need the shoulder strap. We want the shoulder strap. Until we don’t”. How can we make the shoulder strap disappear until it’s services are needed once again?

There was no product on the market that had any form of retractable or disappearing strap in a vertical bag. So, we invented one.

That was our first problem out of the way. The next challenge we faced stemmed from properly packing a firearm. Tim was a police officer in the LAPD for 27 years, and had to travel with a firearm on numerous occasions. Typically, he would store his firearm in the holster and place it inside one of the pockets of his bag. Inevitably, it would sink to the bottom of the bag and be a pain to retrieve.

That’s when we decided to add the militarized technology “M.O.L.L.E” (Modular Light-Weight Load-Carrying Equipment) on the inside that you could attach a holster to, so your firearm stays put even in the most strenuous activities. The best part about this is the fact that with M.O.L.L.E. on the inside, your entire compartment is completely customizable. You can attach as many pockets, holsters, straps, or pouches as you’d like.

We hope you find as much use and value in the EDC Retractable Shoulder Bag as we do, and we can’t wait to hear how much you love it! Let us know what you think of the product by leaving a review.