The Computer Bag with Retractable Strap

As I mentioned in a previous post, the first Low Ready products we are creating solve a specific problem that has annoyed us for years.

One of those problems is the shoulder strap on my laptop bag. If you've ever traveled with your laptop or just worked from a coffee shop for a few hours, you know what I'm talking about.

The shoulder strap trip hazard

The shoulder strap is constantly in the way, ready to trip the nice man or lady walking by, taking a sip of coffee.

I've unknowingly wrapped the strap around a chair armrest countless times and began to walk away, only to be yanked backwards or dragged the chair with me for a few feet until I can get it untangled.

I want the shoulder strap. I need the shoulder strap. Until I don't.  And then I want it to disappear until it's services are needed again.

How many times have you put your bag underneath the seat in front of you, only to spend the next two minutes trying to kick and coax the shoulder strap out of the aisle and under the bag?

The shoulder strap problem

And, don't get me started about dragging the shoulder strap on the ground while I'm not using it and having it sit underneath the bag on the dirty floor - only to put that nasty thing back up on my shoulder. Yuck. 

The Low Ready Vertical Laptop Bag with a patent-pending retractable strap aims to solve these problems.

The photo on the home page is our Version 4.0 prototype.  It's not quite there yet but our Version 5.0 prototype is being built by the factory now and we should be ready for production in the Spring of 2021.

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